Die architektonische Vielfalt der Präsentationsorte
The Unesco Project school Hansa-Gymnasium
The main building of the Hansa Gymnasium situated on the Hansaring was built in 1901 according to plans drawn up by the then director of the City of Cologne’s public works and surveyors office, the architect Friedrich Carl Heimann. The building formerly used by the business school and the university as well as the Hansa Gymnasium from 1926 onwards is one of the few remaining representational buildings on Cologne’s orbital Ringstra¬ße from the period of promoterism. The three-storey extension situated in the Ritterstraße was built in the 1950s. Today, the building is used by the Unesco Project School Hansa Gymnasium during the day and by the adult education centre during the evenings.
Klingelpütz Youth Centre – Including a railway carriage!
The youth centre is situated in a residential building from the 1950s in the Vogteistraße. Since Klingelpütz Prison was demolished, the youth centre’s premises and adjacent structures form the only building complex in the immediate vicinity of the park and, as such, they have been listed. The centre caters for a variety needs; open youth work for children and young persons; adult education as well as collaboration with numerous organisations such as the General Social Services, the adult education centre, the City of Cologne’s Intercultural Service, as well as target group oriented provision for adults from the district.
Gereonswall Primary – pure fifties!
The building was designed by Cologne architect Karl Hell in 1958 and is considered to be characteristic of 1950s school architecture. Extended in 2006 to incorporate the adjoining single storey building to cater for all day supervision. The building is also used by the following co-partners: The Jazzhausschule (music courses), State Drama Association (drama courses), Netzwerk Natur & Kultur (ecology association), all day supervision and language courses for foreign citizens.
Gereonswall Secondary– Sixties flat-roof design with dome light
The central building was opened in 1964 based on designs by the Cologne architect Karl Hell. With café situated in buildings made from containers. The playground is shared with the adjoining Primary school. Voluntary all day care provision Monday to Friday between 1 pm and 4 pm Other collaborating agencies: Employment Agency (consultancy), General Social Services (consultancy), Family Association, directorate of the pupils’ café and evening supervision, Intercultural supervision (language support), Youth Art School; active project related collaboration.
The Tower - Young Catholic Students Youth Centre
The Young Catholic Students Youth Centre is situated within medieval walls in the ruins of the city walls originally erected in 1180, or more precisely the seven-storey Gereon Tower. Twenty-two pupils are supervised there during the afternoons from Mondays to Thursdays; this number increases to thirty-five during holiday activities. The supervisory team comprises three part-time educational staff, one community service director, and seven honorary young people working part-time, as well as trainees, supervising pupils from the Hansa-Gymnasium.
Cologne Technical College & Night School (Abendgymnasium Weiterbildungskolleg Cologne) - pure Sixties!
Built according to plans by architects Herbert Berner and Jochen Jacobs between 1966-1967 and extended in 1971 by a main auditorium and sports hall. The building is currently being used by the Abendgymnasium and the Ulrepforte Vocational College.