An art landscape in the Cologne City Centre
ART SPECIAL: aims to facilitate both the making of art with artists and the co-experience, or even, guidance, of art’s creative processes; involving children, young people and mature students—all in all an experience that transcends normal art lessons. Fine artists and musicians work in tandem with student sponsors. Student patrons prepare designing a Literary Room for the participating writers after having been duly inspired by their works and personalities. At the close of the communal art production session, the tour moves from school to school and to the leisure youth centre facilities that have been transformed into temporary exhibition and sound venues.
ART SPECIAL: initiated and supported by the Hansa-Gymnasium, both in terms of its content and organisationally. It has been made possible by the generous financial support of the Bonn founder Carl Richard Montag.

Organisation and concept:
U. M. Reindl (critic, curator, teacher)
Georg Dietzler (artist, curator)